In another example of FOX BIAS NEWS REPORTING, the screen shot below was taken at 5 A.M. the morning after the debate of the Republican candidates that happened in Orlando, Sept. 22, 2011. It clearly shows Paul won the debate by the poll results, it was later taken down, not to be mentioned on their broadcast. Below is a screenshot of the results, as shown on the Fox News Website.

Below, if you use the search engine on FOX news page, to search who won the debate, this is the result you get:


YET, when you click on the link, to actually bring up the page, this is what you get: Note the url in the address window!


A clip of Ron Paul, from the debate, you will not find on FOX BIAS NEWS, note the audience response and the commentator, saying he has to let the applause die down, before moving on!


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