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President Obama has — against all promises — just put Social Security cuts on the table.
This is not a compromise. It’s caving to the corporate special interests who want to keep their handouts while dismantling Social Security. We need to stand up and tell President Obama that Social Security is not a political pawn — it’s a lifeline for millions of seniors.
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The most unbelievable part of this debate, is that Social Security has nothing — zip, zilch, nada — to do with the current deficit. The program can pay 100% of its benefits through 2037 without any changes. It has a $2.6 trillion surplus.
So why the proposed cuts? The more money that can be built into Social Security’s cash flow surplus, the more money the government can borrow from the surplus to use for tax cuts, spending, or reducing the deficit. We cannot accept this. Money paid into Social Security isn’t the government’s money to play with. They’re the benefits that our seniors paid for and depend on. Social Security must be protected.
President Obama’s turn on Social Security cuts is wrong for many reasons. It’s leading some Americans to incorrectly believe that Social Security is to blame for the debt crisis. It’s unjust to threaten the benefits that millions of Americans depend on.
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Social Security is the cornerstone of social and economic justice in America. This is our time to stand-up and speak out.
With respect,
Dennis Kucinich

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