Consumers Union

We talk to you a lot about consumer issues in Congress. But there’s more to making positive change in our nation than what happens in Washington, D.C.

That’s why with your help, we’ve been working in states this year to get local laws passed that benefit you and your family.

With most state Legislatures winding down, we wanted to tell you about the progress made in states so far on some top consumer issues. Click on the link for each issue below to find updates on new laws passed in your state, or the status of bills still moving.

And let us take this moment to THANK YOU for acting to pass state laws that make the marketplace more fair, affordable and safer for hardworking families like yours!

• Holding health insurance companies accountable. Did your state take a tough stance by examining proposed insurance rate hikes, making that information public, and rejecting unjustified premium increases? Check if your state acted to hold insurers accountable.

• Keeping a harmful chemical out of kids’ products. More and more states are banning the chemical Bisphenol A from children’s food and drink containers because of its link to an increased risk of cancer and other diseases. Find out if your state bans this chemical


• Making hospital infection and medical error rates public. Wouldn’t you want to know if your local medical facility had a high rate of infections, or a long record of medical errors or disciplined doctors on staff? See if your state is making that information public.

We can’t have these important consumer victories in states without your help. Please continue to support our work by sending emails, making phone calls, donating and speaking out to your elected officials whenever possible.

Thanks again,

The Consumers Union Advocacy Team
Washington, DC.; Austin, TX; San Francisco, CA; Yonkers, NY