Bill Nelson for U.S. Senate

How would you feel about turning over to your guaranteed Social Security savings to Wall Street?

You probably wouldn’t feel too good about it. Not too many Americans do.

That’s why Republicans have tried to keep their latest plan to privatize Social Security quiet — and that’s why our public petition to oppose the Republican plan has been gaining so much steam.

We’re joining together to bring some unwanted attention to the Social Security privatization plan Republicans have quietly introduced in the House, but we need support from Americans like you to make sure it doesn’t go anywhere.

Sign our public petition opposing House Republicans’ Social Security privatization plan now.

We should work within the current structures of vital programs like Social Security and Medicare to ensure both remain intact for those who pay into them during their working years, not turning them over to profit-above-all-else interests. Let’s join together to make sure this happens.

Thanks for staying engaged,
Bill Nelson