Tell Rupert Murdoch to stop peddling misinformation about vital clean air protections in the Wall Street Journal.


Click here to tell Rupert Murdoch to stop peddling misinformation about clean air protections.

Apparently, mercury pollution only poses “miniscule risks.”

At least, that’s according to a recent opinion piece published in Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal. Last week, the newspaper published an op-ed attacking the EPA’s proposal to limit toxic air pollution from power plants, declaring that mercury pollution poses “miniscule risks.”

As you and I both know, toxic air pollution — like mercury from coal-fired power plants — can cause serious, lifelong health complications, including neurological damage in children exposed in the womb and during early development. 1

Click here to tell Rupert Murdoch to stop allowing his media outlets’ opinion pages to be used as mouthpieces for big polluters’ misinformation.

Not surprisingly, the op-ed published by Murdoch’s paper was not penned by some renowned public health or environmental expert. One of the authors, Willie Soon, is actually an astrophysicist with no science background in environmental mercury pollution or mercury toxicology. His co-author, Paul Driessen, is an advisor for two Big Oil-funded think tanks. 2

Needless to say, this op-ed only serves to further undermine the credibility of the Wall Street Journal, and the track record of one of Murdoch’s other media outlets isn’t any better — as we all know, FOX News is one of the biggest sources of global warming misinformation. 3

Tell Rupert Murdoch to stop giving big polluters’ allies a stage to publicize false and dangerous information about vital clean air protections.

The threats from mercury and other toxic air pollution are well-established — early exposure to mercury can impair a child’s ability to walk, talk, read, and learn and can even lead to permanent brain damage.

Yet corporate polluters are fighting  the EPA’s new rules so they can continue making money by dumping toxic pollution into our air and water — and, unfortunately, Rupert Murdoch’s media outlets are giving them a helping hand.

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Thank you for standing up for our health and our environment.

Gene Karpinski
League of Conservation Voters