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Dear Editor-Chronicle Editorial Board

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Dear Editor,

Finally, I read In the 5/26/11 Chronicle an Editorial that causes me to realize that there is still hope for this Editorial Board  speaking out for the true needs of the Citizens of Citrus County instead of worrying about what’s posted on Chronicle "Soundoff" Online. The article is about the fact that there was a Levy County Commission meeting May 4th in which those commissioners gave the "green light" to a mining project that will send "hundreds of rock trucks a day up and down our highways for the next century". I happen to live on property along Highway 19 – where these estimated 500 trips per day of huge trucks with rocks will be passing within sight and sound, possibly with rocks flying in all directions (wearing out the road also).

You are right! Where were the members of the Transportation Planning Organization  and Citrus County Commission, to look out for the citizens at this Levy Commission meeting? Where were the Chairmen of both organizations: Comm. Meek, Councilman Kitchen, Comm Chairman Damato, Dist. 1 (Note: District 1 includes Crystal River). Where were the other members of the City Councils, (Inverness and Crystal River) and administrations, besides Crystal River Mayor Jim Farley and Councilman Mike Gudis?

"Better late than never" to realize that – It is time that the citizens insist on representation and if that is refused – clean house and elect real people who will really represent them and not  be unavailable to stand up for their constituents.

Renee Christopher-McPheeters

Crystal River

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