Yesterday, the House Energy and Commerce Committee favorably reported H.R. 5, the Help Efficient Accessible, Low Cost, Timely Health Care(HEALTH) Act of 2011 out of committee. This bill has already been favorably reported out of the House Judiciary Committee. The next step is the House floor.

Take Action! Tell Congress to oppose H.R. 5.

This radical and vicious bill would take away the legal rights of injured people, remove any incentives to improve patient safety, and leave everyone at risk for more injures from negligent care. H.R. 5 would impose draconian caps on damages, not just when injured by medical negligence, but also for defective drugs, or medical devices, or abuse suffered in nursing homes.  The bill also preempts state law that is more favorable to patients while keeping in place state law that favors medical providers.

Take Action! Your rights are at stake!

When hospitals, nursing homes, and drug companies cannot be held fully accountable, there is no incentive to reduce the 98,000 medical errors that kill patients every year. As a result, even more patients may suffer injury, resulting in the need for additional medical care.  The focus of this bill should be on improving patient safety, not limiting the rights of those who have been injured. 
Take Action NOW! Send a message to Congress telling them to put patients first and oppose H.R. 5!


People Over Profits Team
Tricia Cooley and Sam Kruzel

One thought on “Tell Congress to oppose H.R. 5 and put patients first.

  1. Oppose Nightmare H.R. 5 Bill Which Increase Costs, Risks & Creates

    Heath Care, Tort Reform – Oppose H.R. 5 Bill
    Bill => Denies Compensation for Disabled Victims
    Creates Lifetime Dependency on Government Support, Tax-Funded

    I hope that you will help to spread the word to warn people about this nightmare H.R. 5 tort reform bill (immunity for pharma & doctors) and the dangerous ineffective drug Lupron.

    Please stop this horrible H.R. 5 bill, so called “HEALTH Act 2011”, an unreasonable risk to our health care, an elimination of our 7th Amendment Right, safety and freedom. The bill would give full immunity to tortfeasors, like Abbott Laboratories (Abbott/TAP convicted criminals) and significantly increase health care costs and safety risks. Unfortunately, many people get mislead by bill allegations and don’t research the bad hidden parts/details, the truth which hurts Americans.

    H.R. 5 Bill Would Dramatically Increase Health Care Costs & Safety Risks

    H.R. 5 is an extreme bill that would eliminate Americans’ rights and offer a handout to the medical industry by allowing it to go unpunished when patients are harmed or killed. Please ask Congress to vote NO on the H.R. 5 bill! This bill would dramatically increase health care costs and safety risks. Tortfeasors in the medical industry, like Abbott must be held accountable for their wrongdoing, not tax-payers.

    This bill would give irresponsible pharma companies immunity and eliminate our rights, safety and freedom. Legal accountability provides a strong incentive to focus on safety and reduce errors. Evil drug companies, like Abbott, must not be allowed to commit fraud, disable our people and then get full immunity (without facing any consequences). Congress should focus on improving patient safety and reducing deaths and injuries, and not give immunity to the reckless and greedy pharmaceutical industry.

    Harm by H.R. 5 Bill to All Americans:

    1) Immunity, Handout for Wrongdoers in Medical Industry – Fool’s License = Unsafe, More Victims

    Disabled Victims of Doctors – Medical Malpractice
    and Dangerous Drugs – Irresponsible Greedy Pharma
    Victims Never Get Fair Compensation – Zero Punitive Damages
    Creates Lifetime Dependency On Government Payments
    Severe Burden On Tax Funded Programs

    2) Anti Patient Bill of Rights & Unconstitutional – Against 7th Amendment Right

    “In Suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried by a jury, shall be otherwise re-examined in any Court of the United States, than according to the rules of the common law.”

    The 7th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.

    3) Zero Punitive Damages – When Pharma Willfully Commits Fraud, Which Disables Victims

    Every pharmaceutical company, which hurts a victim, by committing intentional fraud will be immune.This bill would deny victims’ punitive damages, zero recovery, no punitive damages! See bill Sec. 6, (c).

    Punitive damages are necessary to punish greedy pharmaceutical companies to deter similar conduct in the future, when pharma intentionally hides the truth, committing fraud, which hurts us patients. The amount of punitive damages is up to the jury, 7th Amendment Right.

    4) Denies All Plaintiffs’ Attorneys Possibility to Represent Injured Victims

    Bill Sec. 5, (a) (4) would limit the contingency fee to only 15% (attorney’s fees if plaintiff gets a recovery)

    Plaintiffs’ attorneys, who fight for right and justice have to invest an enormous amount of time and money (high expert costs) and risk to help victims. No attorney in this country would ever be able to help victims with this horrible unreasonable “law”. This will mean no lawsuits, no recovery and an enormous burden on tax-funded programs (hurt, non-compensated victims – lifetime dependency on Government support).

    Dangerous & Ineffective Drug Lupron – Thousands of Victims
    Abbott – Convicted Criminals

    I’m 23 years old and one of thousands of disabled Lupron victims. I suffer every day, chronic pain, fatigue, serious progressive chronic autoimmune disorder, disc degeneration, bone density loss, low estrogen (infertility). Lupron is a dangerous and ineffective drug, a nightmare injection, made by Abbott, who are convicted criminals, fraud. There are many disabled Lupron victims nationwide, see: and

    Thousands of people are begging the FDA and Congress to take Lupron off the market. Nothing has happened to protect our people. Abbott creates enormous suffering, medical costs (many patients go bankrupt), lifetime unemployment and inability to get an education, by making thousands of people permanently disabled with Lupron. Abbott intentionally withheld known risks of Lupron, misleading doctors and patients, gain motive. Abbott wrongfully gained billions of dollars by making our people, children, men and women permanently disabled with Lupron.

    Abbott was investigated for Medicare/Medicaid fraud by the U.S. Senate, see link:

    Abbott/TAP defrauded Government, Medicare/Medicaid, doctors, patients – fraud with Lupron – criminal conviction, fine $ 875 million, see link:

    Abbott/TAP bribed doctors, $ 100,000 annually to prescribe Lupron, which lead to criminal conviction, see link:


    For more information, opposing this bill, see links:

    Please ask Congress to oppose this horrible H.R. 5 bill! I would appreciate it if I and other Lupron victims get invited to speak out at Congress when this bill gets discussed.

    Please ask Congress to oppose all other similar bills that might be suggested by the medical/pharma industry, where greedy corporations (minority) are favored and our people (majority) are hurt.

    I also hope that you will help to get Lupron off the market, before more people get disabled and depend on Government support for a lifetime.


    Disabled Lupron Victim at age 17, now age 23

    I want to fight for the American people’s and Lupron victims’ rights nationwide and get more awareness of this horrible threat to people’s health.

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