(this is a letter sent to Mr. John Pedalino, Director of the 9/11/01 Foundation of Florida, regarding a  recent photograph that he sent to founder of the Crystal River 9/11/01 Memorial and Candidate for Citrus County Commission, Renee Christopher McPheeters, of New York City firefighters sitting in Times Square of New York in front of a sign that announced the death of Usama bin Laden)

Thank you, I know that the picture you sent is very meaningful, since you were an officer in New York City.

It looks like we have the states on the right path now, Thank God and May He Bless the U.S.!!! Thank you again for providing the part from the World Trade Center for the Crystal River 9/11/01 Memorial. I have requested that the Citrus County School System have access to the 9/11/01 Memorial for educational seminars, as it has the authentic W.T.C. part and the three scenes from the 9/11/01 tragedies in laser art along with narrative of the horrific events.

I was thrilled seeing so many real, patriotic Americans and many young people across this great country celebrating our victory over the death of the main enemy of the U.S. and Freedom in this country.

With Best Regards and for a return of the "Good old Days" for safety and mutual respect in this country!!!

Renee Christopher-McPheeters
Founder, Crystal River 9/11/01 Memorial

Candidate for Citrus County Commission, District 1