"There is no sworde to bee feared more than the Learned pen"

It’s Hard for a Conservative to Accept the 911 TRUTH Complete in it’s Entirety

In EYEONCITRUS.COM on kp57 at 301127

Like the JFK assassination, 911 was not what they would have you believe! It was another operation by a segment within the government which no one dares to take on, the military-industrial coalition! The CIA’s ever presence hand in this crime of the century, orchestrated events in order to thwart the multiple investigations that were coming to a completion. The finance centers within these building were the targets, they were destroyed along with all the evidence that had been accumulated and proved the raping of our Nation by the elite. This video is full of facts and may end up boring you, but don’t blame yourself, that’s the way you have been conditioned. Remember, there are detractors whose job is to dissuade you of ever finding out the truth. Their tactics are intimidation, bullying and diversion……

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