Another structure designed to help people, to help themselves, is being railroaded by the black hearted, Rick Scott, who swindled the government out of billions through his Corporation, the corporation that was fined over a billion dollars and he himself was indicted, yet after pleading the Fifth amendment, 75 times, that’s the amendment stating you do not have to testify because you would be incriminating yourself, he has the audacity to turn his wrath upon the middle class and the needy. He even bypassed the other branches of government by issuing an executive order that put the KEY in the dire straits it now finds itself in. While doing all this, he is insisting for drug tests for the poor who receive benefits, I believe this would mean the kids at the KEY would also have to undergo such tests, and make sure you note that he owns the companies that will be paid to analyze the tests! And on the other hand, he wants to eliminate taxes for huge corporations. Have no doubt, this is a war on the middle class, to eliminate it completely and also a fundamental threat to our Freedoms, in the same manner the Patriot Act destroyed a good part of the Bill of Rights, any additional laws that demand this for that, is another, in the steps to a totalitarian regime where the state would require it know every move you make, such as National ID cards, passports to travel state to state, telling you how many children you can have, analyzing your DNA, before allowing you to marry, and the list goes on! Remember Germany and the Homeland. If you value your freedoms, we must put a stop to this.   

The Key Training Center, a private nonprofit Florida 501(c) (3) organization, is dedicated to serving adults with developmental disabilities. Since 1966, the Key Center has offered Kindness, Love, Dignity, and Respect to individuals and their families. We offer a myriad of programs and services to meet the social, vocational, residential/housing and advocacy needs of Citrus County and West Central Florida. Funds to support the Center are derived from Voluntary Health Agency Grants and assistance at the Federal, State and Local Government levels… together with private/public contributions.
The Key Center is the only facility of its kind in Citrus County and the surrounding areas providing vitally needed community based services to over 300 developmentally disabled adults. The Key Center has served over 2,500 developmentally disabled citizens since its inception in 1966. Program participants are accepted and services are offered regardless of age, race, religion, color, creed, sex, nationality, or ability to pay. The Key Center takes great pride in being viewed as a leader and innovator at the Federal, State and Local level in the delivery of community based services to the developmentally disabled.

Reinstate Florida’s budget for disabled people!





Dear Supporters of the Key,
On April 1, 2011, Governor Rick Scott, by executive order, signed an emergency plan that reduces all Medicaid waiver service provider rates by 15% across the board. The net effect on the Key Training Center will be $67,639 per month for the next three billing cycles (months) for a total loss in revenue of $202,917.
This is a significant hit with no notice. As you know for the last couple of years, APD has reduced the consumers’ annual spending plans which mean the consumers had to cut their services whether it was Adult Day Training (ADT), residential, transportation, or supplies. We of course continue to take these individuals even though they might not have the funds to cover all their ADT, residential, or transportation expenses. So we still have the expenses associated with delivering the services but do not get reimbursement for providing the service.
Under this 15% provider cut, we still have to provide all our current services with the same State mandates but at a loss of $67,639 a month. How can they ask a provider that is already at a bare bones budget to do this? Under these difficult economic times over the past two years, we have already gone through the process of renegotiating various contracts to save money, reducing staff benefits, reducing staffing and staff hours, and finally a system wide staff pay cut this last November. There is not much more we can cut and still be able to provide quality services to the nearly 300 adults with developmental disabilities! Regretfully, we gave notice yesterday to Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD) to close our Behavioral Home in Inverness as we cannot cover the cost of operating this specialized home any longer with the 15% mandated cut.


  1. Let them know how this 15% across the board cut will affect your community provider of choice with a deficit of over $67,000 a month with no notice and you do not know how they will be able to keep their doors open.
  2. Let them know…The Providers and Individuals with developmental disabilities should not be made to pay the price for poor public policy and lack of state budget controls.
  3. If talking to your Senators tell them to vote NO on Senate Bill 2000 which proposes to reduce the Developmental Disability (DD) waiver by another $90 million dollars.
  4. If talking to your Representatives tell them to vote YES on House position (HB 5001). If it prevails, the DD Waiver program will be funded at approximately $862 million next fiscal year, which is a $67 million increase. HB 5001 also identifies $169 million that can be used to cover this year’s APD deficit.
Senator Dean: (850) 487-5017 or

Senator Fasano: (850) 487-5062 or

Representative Smith: (352) 560-6020 or

Governor Scott: (850) 488-7146 or


Please consider making a financial donation of $1, $10, $20, $100, or whatever you are able to contribute to help assist us in riding out this financial storm not caused by us or the special people we serve throughout the year! An envelope is attached for your thoughtful consideration. Online donations can be made via our website:


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