Gov. Scott’s budget proposals have been nothing short of devastating, including massive cuts to public schools, health care, and environmental protection. But Scott’s most heartless budget cut came last week. He ordered an immediate 15% cut to care for Floridians with disabilities…on the same day he posed for photos at a Special Olympics event. 1
Send a message to your legislators right now – restore lost funding to the Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD) in the next budget.disabled-callout.jpg

This is an emergency. Since 2003, legislators have cut and capped various portions of funding for the disabled despite a rising number of Floridians needing care. Today, an unprecedented 19,000-disabled Floridians are on a waiting list and can’t get access to the care they need. The situation has become so dire that aclass action lawsuit was recently filed against Gov. Scott.2
The result of consistent budget cuts and greater need for care has caused APD to run a deficit. Instead of working to shore up funding for some of Florida’s most needy, Gov. Scott chose to simply slash their budget by an amount care providers have said “may break our backs.”3
This isn’t leadership – it’s a gutless retreat from responsibility.
Florida’s disabled deserve better than this. Write your legislators and urge them to restore lost funding to health care for disabled Floridians.

The debate in Tallahassee over how best to balance our budget has wrongly centered on numbers, statistics, and the size of government, instead of the people government is supposed to serve. For many legislators, their goal has become providing corporate campaign contributors with yet another tax giveaway, instead of providing adequate care to Floridians with Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, andautism.
Tell your legislators to get their priorities straight and demand they restore funding for health care to disabled Floridians.

We have an obligation to speak for those who often can’t speak for themselves. Thanks for all you’re doing to provide a voice for Floridians who need it the most.
For progress,
Mark, Ray, and the rest of the Progress Florida team