A few OEN folks (me, Josh Mittledorf, Cheryl Biren) were down in DC, in the cold and snow, covering the Veterans for Peace civil disobedience action against the war, which also turned into an event strongly supporting Bradley Manning, Wikileaks and Julian Assange.
There’s one article and a short video up now and more will be coming.
That article shows, in one photo, MANY of the leading activists of our time.
We went to cover the even because we feared it would not be covered by the MSM. Sure enough, we have yet to hear that any mainstream media org, including MSNBC covered it.
With all the snow and the icy cold temperature– below 25 F, there were those in attendance, particularly Viet Nam Vets, who described the day as another Winter Soldier event.
Photo by Cheryl Biren
It was great to be warmly greeted by OEN regular contributors like Ray McGovern, David Swanson, Coleen Rowley, Kevin Zeese, to name a few.
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