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Alan Grayson for Congress

The Limbaugh Tax Cut:
$2,689,135 per year.

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Dear Editor,

We hear a lot of talk about the “Bush Tax Cuts.” And why not? According to Newsweek, George W. Bush “earns” $4.2 million from paid speeches, public appearances and miscellaneous punditry each year. Hence the Bush Tax Cuts cut Bush’s own taxes by an amazing $187,552 each year. And that’s not even counting how much the Bush tax cuts engorge Bush’s investment income.

So Bush cut his own taxes. No wonder Bush is in favor of extending those tax cuts.

He’s not the only one. Here is how much the Bush tax cuts benefit – each year – some other folks you may have heard of:

Rush Limbaugh – $2,689,135.
Glenn Beck – $1,512,352
Sean Hannity – $1,006,352
Bill O’Reilly – $914,352
Sarah Palin – $638,352
Newt Gingrich – $247,352

See it all laid out, at my speech right here.

Maybe we should call them the “Rush Limbaugh Tax Cuts.” Or the “Glenn Beck Tax Cuts.” Because the reason why these right-wing blowhards support tax cuts for the rich is that they support tax cuts for themselves.

Which will cost our country almost $100 billion a year. Enough to give $30,000-a-year jobs to 3 million Americans. To cut unemployment by two percent, immediately. And to get our economy moving again.

I’m not going to vote for tax cuts for the rich. I’m going to vote for jobs.


Rep. Alan Grayson


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