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For OpEdNews: Rob Kall – Writer

Prior to the debate between Conway and Paul, several Rand Paul supporters pulled a woman with a Moveon sign to the ground then one stomped on her head. Paul has NOT called for their arrest. Police have not made arrests. Right wing commenters are suggesting that it was an act, or that, because she wore a wig, she might have been a threat, and the assaults were justified.
The Louisville Courier Journal reported, “Lauren Valle of MoveOn.org approached Paul and tried to give him an “employee of the month award” from Republicorp…a fake business MoveOn created to symbolize what it says is the merger of the GOP and business interests controlling political speech.” READ MORE AT OPED NEWS CLICK HERE

Images from the youtube video show the man who assaulted her and wrestled her to the ground, then the man who aided in wrestling her to the ground then stepped on her head.
Violent assailants at work. No police arrests were made.
GOP, TEA PARTY violates constitutional rights exposed.
Bluebluegrass.com has this image of the man who wrestled her to the ground.
Update! The assailant, above, has been tentatively identified as Mike Pezzano, according tointoxination.
These people typify the worst of America and if they get power that is exactly what we will get.

Rich Iott’s Nazi Uniform

When photographs surfaced last week of House candidate Rich Iott wearing a Nazi uniform, the Ohio Republican admitted it was him with the SS insignia on his lapel, but called the images’ publication “false character attacks.”

Iott insisted his interest in Nazi Germany was purely historical. In a statement, he said he joined a historical reenactment group to bond with his son and had not meant to offend anyone.

But he also told The Atlantic, which broke the story, that he had “always been fascinated” with Nazi Germany’s ability to “from a strictly military point of view accomplish incredible things.”




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