As you know, health insurance industry front groups and their allies are flooding the airwaves with political ads that lie about health reform and its supporters, so Health Care for America Now is using laughter to fight back.

French Propaganda Postcard from World War I er...
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Black plays the role of Nathan Spewman, a propagandist who stops at nothing–including going to a school to recruit young children to join his campaign of deception–to spread ridiculous lies for corporate clients who line his pockets with cash.

We will not let the (mis)informants win. Share this funny video starring Jack Black and America Ferrera to stop the corporate liars who are trying to take over our country.

Other corporate liars for hire, like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, American Crossroads and 60 Plus Association, are spending hundreds of millions of dollars on political propaganda to mislead voters about health care and other progressive issues to manipulate the November election.

All of our issues are at stake. We cannot let these sleazy corporations steal our democracy. Click here to watch and share “The (Mis)Informant” now.

In Solidarity,

Melinda Gibson
Health Care for America Now