U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont
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I’m an independent. So why am I writing on behalf of Democrats? Because we’re only 28 days out, and polls show close races in at least 15 states. The GOP only needs to win 10 to take the majority. And their candidates are the most reactionary I’ve ever seen.

Yes, it’s easy to get frustrated at the pace of progress in Washington, and I share the concerns of many progressives that the Democrats have not been as bold and aggressive as they should be. But, if those of us who want to move our nation forward don’t act immediately, winnable races will be lost.

There’s not a moment to waste. Click here to make an immediate donation of $5 or more to the DSCC. It’s less than a month until the midterm elections, and if the DSCC fails to raise $989,309 by midnight Saturday, races that should be won might slip away. Every seat matters when Senate control hangs in the balance.

If Democrats lose the Senate, everything we believe in – health care for all, full employment, transforming our energy system, preserving social security, a fair and progressive tax structure – will be set back. Nothing can justify sitting by and letting that happen.

Look, I’ve had my differences with Democrats in the past, but we set them aside to work together to move our country forward. That won’t happen if Democrats lose the Senate. The obstruction we’re seeing today will look like child’s play. The Republican agenda – such as it is – is to stop at nothing to destroy President Obama and win back the White House in 2012.

They’re getting powerful help. GOP-aligned groups including Karl Rove‘s American Crossroads plan to spend $400 million – a record-breaking amount – to elect Republicans. These shady groups funded by oil billionaires and secret donors are relentlessly attacking Democrats. Candidates who stand up to corporate influence risk their voices being drowned out.

In these last 28 days, it all comes down to funding for the education, outreach and extensive grassroots mobilization we need to win and to defend my Democratic friends like Barbara Boxer, Russ Feingold and Patty Murray. It’s what the DSCC does best, but it can’t do it without your help.

Click here to make an immediate donation of $5 or more to the DSCC. It’s 28 days until the midterm elections, and the DSCC must raise $989,309 by midnight Saturday to keep pace with the Republicans.

Republicans are counting on us to sit on our hands, but this is no time to opt out. It’s time to seize the moment, win in November and move this country forward. Thank you for your help.


Sen. Bernie Sanders