Shocking video shows Surfside Condo falling 6.24.2021


Four days after the Surfside Condo pancaked down, just the two half’s of one side, a fire is still smoldering! A telltale sign that there’s something more went on here then the authorities even want to speculate on!

Here’s the conundrum, can the State of Florida go publicly to the world and particularly to the conspirators of 911, that their Surfside condo that was the home to many affluent Jewish owners was brought down by a controlled demolition although without the smoke screen of a jet and jet fuel?

surveillance camera footage shown on CBS 46 shows the ocean-facing portion of the 12-story Champlain Towers South Condo in Surfside cascading into a pile of rubble as a massive cloud of dust fills the air about 1:30 a.m. Thursday.A fire official said 35 people were rescued from the building, built in 1981, including two who were pulled from the rubble as rescuers using trained dogs continue their search for survivors.The building about 15 miles north of Miami had 136 units, of which about 80 were occupied, officials said.“It’s hard to imagine how this could have happened,” Surfside Mayor Charles Burkett told reporters. “Buildings just don’t fall down.”

51 unaccounted for at this time.surfside condo collaspe 6.24.2021

NO Planes in 911

Demographic, Environmental,
Security Issues Project

December 2006

Holmgren and Reynolds on No Planes on 911-

Exposing the Illusion

By Ronald Bleier

Like most people, on September 11th 2001, I believed the official story about the terror attacks. It took me almost three years to become a skeptic. The major issue that led me finally to question the official accounts was the manner of the collapse of the Twin Towers. After watching a one-hour critical video in the summer of 2004 (see below) I decided to look into the question of whether the Twin Towers and Building 7 were brought down by pre-planned demolition charges. In due course, as I researched the issue in books, video and the Internet, I become convinced that the terrible events of that day were planned and executed by the Bush administration. I saw no way out of Jim Hoffman’s theory that if the WTC Towers were brought down by controlled demolition, then Osama Bin Laden couldn’t have been responsible.[1]

Finally, to complete my conversion, about a year later, I read an article by Australian researcher Gerard Holmgren, called “Manufactured Terrorism,”[2] which propounded what seemed an incredible theory: that no large passenger jets were used in any of the 9/11 attacks, including New York City. Later I read yet another key article supporting the same No Planes Theory (NPT), this one by Morgan Reynolds[3], former Chief Economist at the U.S. Department of Labor 2001-2002. I soon became an advocate of the NPT, a tiny subset of the 9/11-truth movement.


On the day of 9/11 I experienced a heavy dose of the intended shock and awe when I watched in real time the collapses of the Twin Towers. Shortly after 9:03 a.m. I heard on the radio that there was video of a big passenger plane hitting the South Tower and I was glued to the TV for the next couple of hours.

Later I was relieved to learn that the government had quickly identified the perpetrators -– the story was that they were Islamic extremists[4]. It wasn’t much of a stretch for me to imagine that the motive for the attacks was revenge mainly for U.S./Israeli policies in the Middle East. The thought that my government, specifically the Bush-Cheney administration, might be the ones who planned and executed the attacks didn’t enter my mind, nor would such an outrageous unthinkable idea seem to me for many months within the realm of possibility.

As I watched the World Trade Center towers collapse, I couldn’t help thinking how surprising and fortunate it was that they came straight down in their own footprint instead of falling horizontally into the densely built up neighborhood of lower Manhattan when the destruction in lives and property would have been vastly magnified.

Years later, I realized that that was a very vulnerable moment. All that it might have required for me to become an instant 9/11 skeptic was learn that high rise steel framed buildings never come down at the speed of gravity and in their own footprints except during an earthquake or when previous arrangements have been made for them to collapse through controlled demolition. Dan Rather, CBS TV’s venerable news anchor as he watched the collapse of WTC Building 7 at 5:20 p.m. said it was “reminiscent of those pictures we’ve all seen too much on television before when a building was destroyed by well placed dynamite to knock it down.”[5] But I didn’t happen to be watching television at that hour and in course of the day’s traumatic events, I don’t recall paying much attention to Building 7. I’m not sure that I even knew that Building 7 collapsed until I began my research in 2004.

The strange collapse of the Twin Towers

There can’t simultaneously be both high resistance—causing grinding of the concrete into dust—and negligible resistance allowing a fall at the same speed as through air. Only the input of extra energy—an orchestrated demolition, explains the simultaneous presence of both factors. – Gerard Holmgren (emphasis added)

It wasn’t until the summer of 2004 that I saw video of some of the speakers at a 9/11 conference held some weeks earlier in Canada. At that conference, persuasive evidence was presented that contradicted the official story, which claims that the towers collapsed as a result of the combination of plane crashes and the resultant fires.

One talk that I found most compelling was by computer engineer Jim Hoffman who has written widely on the World Trade Center collapses. From Hoffman and others I learned that according to the laws of physics, even the combined impact of the “planes” and the resultant fires could not have caused the collapses and explosions.

The strongest smallest fire in history

In Hoffman’s presentation and in other videos, articles and books, it was pointed out that never before or since had steel framed buildings been brought down by fire, even in cases where the fires were much hotter and burned much longer.

For example, the One Meridian Plaza fire in Philadelphia in 1991 burned for 18 hours and was described by local officials as

the most significant fire in this century…The fire caused window breakage, cracking of granite, and failures of spandrel panel connections. Despite the severity and duration of the fire, as evidenced by the damage the building sustained, no part of the building collapsed… All other cases of large fires in steel framed buildings were characterized by extensive window breakage, large areas of emergent flames and went on for several hours. The fires in the WTC towers did none of these things.[6]

David Ray Griffin, retired professor of Religion and Theology, a popular 9/11 author, writes that even a supporter of the official story, Thomas Eager, professor of materials engineering at MIT, says that the impact of the planes would NOT have been sufficient to bring down the Towers because “the number of columns lost on the initial impact was not large and the loads were shifted to the remaining columns in this highly redundant structure.”[7]

I also learned that airplane fuel burns at only 800 degrees F, not nearly hot enough to seriously stress steel, which melts at 2700 degrees F in optimum conditions. Hoffman notes that steel is an excellent conductor of heat so that even if the steel beams in the immediate area of the crash were stressed, the heat would have been spread throughout the vast heat sink that comprised the 236 steel beams in the perimeter and the 47 steel beams built into the core of the building.

Thomas Eager asserts that the steel in the Towers could have collapsed if it had lost only 80% of its strength. Eager believes this happened since the fires reached 1300 F. But Griffin argues that for this amount of heat, the fires would have to very big and it would have to be applied to a steel beam for a considerable amount of time. (NPH, p. 14) The available evidence suggests that the fires were small and didn’t burn for long. Griffin cites the photos in researcher Eric Hufschmid’s book, Painful Questions[8] of the small fires evident in the both Towers, which generated a great amount of heat but were not long lasting because the fuel was quickly burned up. Hufschmid’s photos show that the spectacular flames vanished quickly and then the fire remained restricted to one area of the Tower and slowly diminished. The fires were localized and of short duration. (NPH, pp. 14-15) Griffin cites Hufschmid‘s question: How could a fire produce such incredible quantities of heat that it could destroy a steel building, while incapable of spreading beyond its initial starting location? The photos show that not even one floor in the South Tower was above the ignition temperature of plastic and paper!” The fire was not even powerful enough to crack glass windows! (NPH, p. 211, fn. 52)

Griffin tackles one of the persistent misunderstandings about the Twin Tower fires. He writes that defenders of the official theory suggest that the Twin Towers were special in the sense that the fire did not have to heat all the steel by spreading throughout the floors. The culprits were the “angle clips” which “held the floor joists between the columns on the perimeter wall and the core structure,” and which, he says, were not designed to hold five times their normal load. According to this “zipper” version of the truss theory, once angle clips failed in one area, it put extra load on other angle clips and then it unzipped around the building on that floor in a matter of seconds and led to a domino effect which caused the buildings to collapse within ten seconds. Something like this theory was endorsed in the FEMA report, which spoke of a “pancake-type of collapse of successive floors.” (NPH, pp. 15-16)

But Griffin finds that there are problems with this account. First the amount of heat required to make the steel very hot would seem to require more heat than was present, especially in the South Tower.

2nd Griffin cites Hufschmid who writes, “In order for a floor to fall, hundreds of joints had to break almost simultaneously on 236 exterior columns and 47 core columns.”

3rd Eagar’s theory of the speed of the collapse – nearly at free fall speed–doesn’t take into account the problem of resistance. “Can we really believe that the upper part of the buildings encountered virtually no resistance from the lower parts?” How “could the debris crush 100 steel and concrete floors while falling as fast as objects fall through air?”

4th Eager’s and other versions of the official account cannot do justice to the total collapse of the towers, resulting in a pile that “was only a few stories high.” Such theories don’t explain the collapse of the steel core of the buildings.

5th The official story doesn’t explain why the South Tower collapsed first. Since it would take considerable time for fire to heat steel to its own temperature, all things equal, the South Tower, which was struck 17 minutes later than the North Tower, should have collapsed later, not 29 minutes earlier. This is even more surprising since the fires in the South Tower were much smaller. This “reversal of expectations suggests that the collapse of these buildings was caused by something other than the fires.” (NPH, p. 17)

Controlled demolition accounts for all the facts discussed thus far. Peter Meyer, the author of a book on the WTC demolition, explained the reason the collapse was so total and so rapid. He theorized that the bases of the steel columns were shattered at the bedrock. “With those bases obliterated, and the supporting steel columns shattered by explosions at various levels…the upper floors lost all support and collapsed to ground level in about 10 seconds.” (NPH, p. 18)

Griffin goes on to list additional facts that seem explainable only by the demolition theory.

Each collapse produced a lot of fine dust. Where does the energy come from to turn all this reinforced concrete into dust? Hufschmid adds that photos show only “a few small pieces of concrete” which means that virtually every piece of concrete “shattered into dust.” Where did the energy come from? Similarly, by what means was very fine concrete dust ejected from the top of the building very early in the collapse. Hufschmid adds that even concrete slabs hitting the ground at free fall speed would not be pulverized. That would require explosives. (NPH, p. 18) Continue reading “NO Planes in 911”

Red, White and Blue Rising

Listen to a FREE SAMPLE of the audio book of Red Storm Rising the Tom Clancy 1992 novel on a country running low on oil and how it plotted to take steps to acquire the black gold-CIA imput through project mockingbirdI am a great admirer of the writer Tom Clancy, despite his tendency to portray the CIA as icky-sweet do gooders who would never dream of doing the sorts of things we know the real CIA actually does do. But Clancy is a good writer and has created plausible scenarios in his books, one in particular of which comes to mind at the present time.
In the book,, World War Three starts when a fictionalized USSR, economically unable to purchase the oil products it needs, simply decides to take them. In order to conceal what is in essence a war of conquest, the fictionalized USSR manufactures a provocation by staging a fake terrorist attack on a symbolically important building in Moscow. Faked evidence is used to pin the blame on a target nation, and the fictionalized USSR starts a war on two fronts; a “just cause” war which masks a second front moving to grab the oil fields. This is a very believable scenario to the public, and the book was a best seller. It’s one of my favorites.
Thus it is with some amazement that I watch as the very people who turned that book into a huge commercial success seem oblivious to the parallels in the so-called “War On Terror”.
Whereas the fictionalized USSR in “Red Storm Rising” required the plot device of a refinery disaster to kick off the story line, the United States has arrived in precisely the same situation as the fictionalized USSR in the book through chronic mismanagement. It is no secret that the United States is in and has been in serious financial trouble for decades. The total governmental debt of the United States is estimated at $17 trillion (with a “T”). The interest alone on the federal portion of the National Debt now exceeds the entire personal income tax collected from every tax payer in the nation. And, since the full interest payments are not being made, let alone the principle, the debt continues to skyrocket. Claims of an election year budget surplus, which ignored the debt entirely, were little more than a bookkeeping trick in which the government spent Social Security payments as if they were general funds, along with now-failed predictions of ever increasing economic growth.
The United States government is so deeply in debt that it has long ago run out of sufficient gold with which to collateralize the debt. Starting during the Nixon administration, public lands were declared off limits to the general population and set aside as collateral on the loans held by foreign interests. In order to conceal from the public just how dire the situation truly was, this land collateralization process was concealed behind a cover of “environmentalism”. The E.P.A. was created at the very start of the land collateralization process, and has since been joined by various other programs with names such as “Heritage Rivers”, “Wet lands”, “Biosphere Reserve”, etc. By using a large number of such fronts, with each only grabbing a “small” amount of land, the United States government has tried to conceal the true scale of the land collateralization process from the public.
This mapimage shows the current extent of all lands grabbed by the government under the guise of environmentalism as of the start of 2000.

While America maintains a huge export business in agriculture, most manufacturing has gone overseas. America has invented a great many products, but rather than actually make them, the United States has for the most part sold the rights to manufacture American invented products to other nations. This may make the inventors and developers of those products wealthy, but the far greater wealth generated by the sales of the manufactured products goes elsewhere. No sales revenues, no tax revenues.
To conceal this loss of manufacturing, the United States created the concept of the “service economy”; the ridiculous idea that a nation could be prosperous by doing each other’s laundry. From the point of view of the government, this worked as a short term solution, because the government could collect taxes on money that was simply moving back and forth between the citizens. However, eventually those very taxes discourage service-type businesses. People go back to doing their own laundry. Taxes are raised on the remaining business so that the government can keep servicing its debt, slowing more businesses down. There is a finite limit to how long a nation can survive a cycle where raising taxes reduces businesses which requires raising taxes again.
In the end, true wealth for a nation is generated only by having a product to sell, and the United States has few indeed. Check out the labels on the big-ticket Christmas gifts. That will tell you the story of Christmas yet-to-come.
Complicating the problem is the emergence of the “Euro”. While still a reserve monetary system, the Euro is already backed with stronger gold reserves than the US Dollar, since the US (along with Britain) have been selling off gold reserves to keep gold prices down and prop up their fiat money systems. The member nations of the European Union collectively form a powerhouse economy second only to the United States itself. Concerns are being raised that Argentina’s reliance on the dollar as a currency are in part responsible for its’ current woes, and other nations, such as Mexico, are already re-thinking their position on aligning their monetary systems with that of the United States.
The trend is obvious; unless there is a radical change to the cash flow across the border, the US government is staring at total economic collapse. The citizens cannot be taxed enough to pay the interest on the debt, let alone the debt itself. The dollar will cease to be the currency of choice in the global market. The situation is desperate. And as Clancy illustrates in his book, a desperate government will take desperate chances.
The United States needs to have a product to sell, something to get the cash flow headed back into the nation rather than out of it, a product everyone needs, and a product which exists in vast amounts.
To put it simply, American control of the world’s remaining major oil resources, both the middle east and Central Asia, would bail the US government out of its financial woes as nothing else can. Indeed there appear to be no other options open. It’s “grab the oil” or collapse under the accumulated debt of decades of “wishful spending” by the government.
There are clear indications that such a planned grab for the oil of Central Asia lies at the heart of current US foreign policy. Three years ago Congress discussed removing the government of Afghanistan to make way for an oil pipeline. Kosovo was also sitting along a desired pipeline route into the wealth lying under the Caspian Sea.
In “Red Storm Rising”, Tom Clancy portrayed the fictionalized USSR as planning the war long before the staged terror attack in Moscow. The reality is that long before the attacks on the World Trade Towers the US Government told India there would be an invasion of Afghanistan in October. Even the BBC heard about the planned invasion of Afghanistan before the events of 9/11. As far back as March 2001 Jane’s Defense got word of the planned US invasion of Afghanistan.
In “Red Storm Rising”, Tom Clancy portrayed the fictionalized USSR as using its’ own intelligence services to bomb an important building, then planting fake evidence to point the blame at the intended target of Invasion. The reality is that several of the men officially accused of the 9/11 attacks have turned up alive. The FBI admits that the IDs used by the hijackers were well-done fakes, using identities stolen from middle-eastern men.
Likewise, the Anthrax letters sent to media figures and Congress (just before it was scheduled to vote on the anti-terror bill) have turned out to be a total frame-up. While written to appear to be from middle eastern terrorists, it turns out that the Anthrax contained in the letters was United States property and only available from a select few government laboratories.
And, in a stunning revelation which confirms the deception being forced on the public, a US official admitted to Fox News that evidence exists linking the 9/11 attacks to NON-ARAB suspects, but that this particular evidence has been classified! The first suspects arrested after the WTC attacks were not Arabs, either.
It is said that art often must imitate life. In the case of Tom Clancy’s “Red Storm Rising”, the motives and actions of the fictionalized USSR line up rather nicely with those of the real life USA. And therein lies a warning for those who think fake terror is the ideal tool with which to rule. For in Clancy’s book, following a costly and bloody war, the fictionalized USSR is no better off than when it started, still without oil, still without money, and with a military coup on top of it all.
Life imitates art?
I hope not.

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A run STOP sign sent one person to hospital in critical and two other in serious condition!

Emergency crews airlift two motorists involved in rollover crash

A Florida Highway Patrol trooper, right, and Citrus County Sheriff’s Office deputy investigate a truck involved in a rollover crash the afternoon of Wednesday, Feb. 10, 2021, at the intersection of North Elkcam Boulevard and West Hampshire Boulevard in Citrus Springs, where two involved motorists had to be airlifted for treatment.

Video Shows What Tom Brady Said To Tyrann Mathieu

Tom Brady and Tyrann Mathieu at the Super Bowl.TAMPA, FLORIDA – FEBRUARY 07: Tom Brady #12 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers speaks to Tyrann Mathieu #32 of the Kansas City Chiefs during the second quarter in Super Bowl LV at Raymond James Stadium on February 07, 2021 in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Tom Brady and Tyrann Mathieu exchanged some words at the end of the first half in the Super Bowl on Sunday night.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback and the Kansas City Chiefs defensive back had a heated moment near the goal line at the end of the second quarter.

Brady and Mathieu had to be separated near the goal line. The Chiefs defensive back was called for a misconduct penalty.

Replay shows that Brady had a clear message for Mathieu: I’m going at you all game.

Mathieu admitted following the Super Bowl loss that he was pretty shocked to see Brady talking trash.

“Listen, Tom Brady’s a great quarterback,” Mathieu said. “I never really saw that side of Tom Brady, to be honest. But whatever. No comment. It’s over with. I’m done with it.”

Bucs wide receiver Mike Evans was a big fan of the fieriness shown by his quarterback.

“I don’t know what it does for him but for the guys around us, we love that s–t,” Evans said. “We love when it gets fiery and competitive. When [Brady] does that, he has a lot of guys to back him up.”

The Bucs topped the Chiefs, 31-9, to win Super Bowl LV.

Physicists Find a Way to See the ‘Grin’ of Quantum Gravity

Two microdiamonds would be used to test the quantum nature of gravity

In 1935, when both quantum mechanics and Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity were young, a little-known Soviet physicist named Matvei Bronstein, just 28 himself, made the first detailed study of the problem of reconciling the two in a quantum theory of gravity. This “possible theory of the world as a whole,” as Bronstein called it, would supplant Einstein’s classical description of gravity, which casts it as curves in the space-time continuum, and rewrite it in the same quantum language as the rest of physics.

Bronstein figured out how to describe gravity in terms of quantized particles, now called gravitons, but only when the force of gravity is weak — that is (in general relativity), when the space-time fabric is so weakly curved that it can be approximated as flat. When gravity is strong, “the situation is quite different,” he wrote. “Without a deep revision of classical notions, it seems hardly possible to extend the quantum theory of gravity also to this domain.”

His words were prophetic. Eighty-three years later, physicists are still trying to understand how space-time curvature emerges on macroscopic scales from a more fundamental, presumably quantum picture of gravity; it’s arguably the deepest question in physics. Perhaps, given the chance, the whip-smart Bronstein might have helped to speed things along. Aside from quantum gravity, he contributed to astrophysics and cosmology, semiconductor theory, and quantum electrodynamics, and he also wrote several science books for children, before being caught up in Stalin’s Great Purge and executed in 1938, at the age of 31.


The Soviet theoretical physicist Matvei Petrovich Bronstein (1906-1938), a pioneer of quantum gravity research whose work remains largely unknown in the west. Photo from the Public Domain.

The search for the full theory of quantum gravity has been stymied by the fact that gravity’s quantum properties never seem to manifest in actual experience. Physicists never get to see how Einstein’s description of the smooth space-time continuum, or Bronstein’s quantum approximation of it when it’s weakly curved, goes wrong.

The problem is gravity’s extreme weakness. Whereas the quantized particles that convey the strong, weak and electromagnetic forces are so powerful that they tightly bind matter into atoms, and can be studied in tabletop experiments, gravitons are individually so weak that laboratories have no hope of detecting them. To detect a graviton with high probability, a particle detector would have to be so huge and massive that it would collapse into a black hole. This weakness is why it takes an astronomical accumulation of mass to gravitationally influence other massive bodies, and why we only see gravity writ large.

Not only that, but the universe appears to be governed by a kind of cosmic censorship: Regions of extreme gravity — where space-time curves so sharply that Einstein’s equations malfunction and the true, quantum nature of gravity and space-time must be revealed — always hide behind the horizons of black holes.

“Even a few years ago it was a generic consensus that, most likely, it’s not even conceivably possible to measure quantization of the gravitational field in any way,” said Igor Pikovski, a theoretical physicist at Harvard University.

Now, a pair of papers published in 2017 in Physical Review Letters has changed the calculus. The papers contend that it’s possible to access quantum gravity after all — while learning nothing about it. The papers, written by Sougato Bose at University College London and nine collaborators and by Chiara Marletto and Vlatko Vedral at the University of Oxford, propose a technically challenging, but feasible, tabletop experiment that could confirm that gravity is a quantum force like all the rest, without ever detecting a graviton. Miles Blencowe, a quantum physicist at Dartmouth College who was not involved in the work, said the experiment would detect a sure sign of otherwise invisible quantum gravity — the “grin of the Cheshire cat.”

The proposed experiment will determine whether two objects — Bose’s group plans to use a pair of microdiamonds — can become quantum-mechanically entangled with each other through their mutual gravitational attraction. Entanglement is a quantum phenomenon in which particles become inseparably entwined, sharing a single physical description that specifies their possible combined states. (The coexistence of different possible states, called a “superposition,” is the hallmark of quantum systems.) For example, an entangled pair of particles might exist in a superposition in which there’s a 50 percent chance that the “spin” of particle A points upward and B’s points downward, and a 50 percent chance of the reverse. There’s no telling in advance which outcome you’ll get when you measure the particles’ spin directions, but you can be sure they’ll point opposite ways.

The authors argue that the two objects in their proposed experiment can become entangled with each other in this way only if the force that acts between them — in this case, gravity — is a quantum interaction, mediated by gravitons that can maintain quantum superpositions. “If you can do the experiment and you get entanglement, then according to those papers, you have to conclude that gravity is quantized,” Blencowe explained.

To Entangle a Diamond

Quantum gravity is so imperceptible that some researchers have questioned whether it even exists. The venerable mathematical physicist Freeman Dyson, 94, has argued since 2001 that the universe might sustain a kind of “dualistic” description, where “the gravitational field described by Einstein’s theory of general relativity is a purely classical field without any quantum behavior,” as he wrote that year in The New York Review of Books, even though all the matter within this smooth space-time continuum is quantized into particles that obey probabilistic rules.

Dyson, who helped develop quantum electrodynamics (the theory of interactions between matter and light) and is professor emeritus at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey, where he overlapped with Einstein, disagrees with the argument that quantum gravity is needed to describe the unreachable interiors of black holes. And he wonders whether detecting the hypothetical graviton might be impossible, even in principle. In that case, he argues, quantum gravity is metaphysical, rather than physics. READ REST OF STORY HERE……

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No Senate Republicans voted to advance the stimulus package that’d give most Americans $1,400 one-time checks

No Senate Republicans voted to advance stimulus package that give Americans $1400, one-time checks

  • The Senate voted Tuesday on a budget resolution that could speed coronavirus aid through Congress.
  • No Republicans voted to advance the measure, which was introduced by the Democratic majority.
  • The phrase “No Republicans” trended on Twitter after the vote.                    

Senate Republicans issued a mass rebuke of President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus rescue package on Tuesday night, with none voting to advance it.

In a strict party-line vote, all 50 Senate Democrats voted to advance a budget resolution to speed the aid package through Congress without Republican support. Forty-nine Republicans voted against the resolution. Republican Sen. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania was absent because of snow.

The phrase ” No Republicans ” was trending on Twitter after the vote.

“We are not going to dilute, dither, or delay,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said before the vote, adding: “We welcome cooperation. There is nothing about the process of a budget resolution or reconciliation, for that matter, that forecloses the possibility of bipartisanship.”

Read more : Democrats are moving ahead with Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID stimulus – with or without Republicans. Here are the 4 main sticking points that could blow things up.

The package on the line includes a round of $1,400 direct payments for most Americans, $350 billion to state and local governments, an increase in federal jobless aid to $400, and a proposal to increase the federal minimum wage to $15, among other aid.

All four measures have proved to be sticking points between the two parties.

Republicans want the relief checks capped at $1,000 and allocated only to people making less than $50,000 a year. They say the money for state and local governments isn’t needed and didn’t include any local funding in their counteroffer. They want the current federal jobless aid to remain the same and continue through June. Biden’s plan would increase it and extend it through September. And while some Republicans support increasing the federal minimum wage, few wish it to be as high as $15.

The bill also includes $130 billion to reopen schools, a major expansion of the child tax credit , $50 billion toward COVID-19 testing, and $20 billion toward a national vaccine program in partnership with states, localities, and tribes.

The budget-reconciliation process allows Democrats to pass the plan with only 51 votes, instead of the 60-vote supermajority usually required of bills.

Biden hosted Republicans on Monday to discuss the party’s $618 billion counteroffer .

According to The New York Times, some Republican senators considered Biden more receptive to compromise than his staff or Schumer during the meeting, though Biden has signaled that $600 billion is too little.

“They’ve chosen a totally partisan path,” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell told The Times about Senate Democrats.

McConnell used reconciliation to pass tax cuts during his time as majority leader. He also employed the measure in a failed attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act .

Senate Democrats could approve the resolution as soon as Friday.

According to Roll Call, the House will vote on its nearly identical measure Wednesday and then will have to vote again on final adoption of the joint measure after the Senate makes additions.

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FBI: Two Agents Shot & Killed

imageTwo FBI agents were killed and three were wounded, following a shooting early Tuesday morning while serving a warrant in Sunrise, Florida,  according to the FBI. A statement released by the FBI say two wounded agents were hospitalized and are in stable condition. The third wounded agent remained on the scene. The FBI is not releasing the names of the two fallen agents. The FBI says the shooting took place around 6:00 a.m. in the area of 10100 Reflections Boulevard. “A team of law enforcement officers were there to execute a federal court-ordered search warrant in furtherance of a violent crimes against children case.” CBS4 news partner The Miami Herald reports they were serving the warrant as part of a child porn investigation. Nob Hill Road is closed in both directions from Northwest 44th Street to Oakland Park Boulevard.  Police are urging people to stay out of the area. A Miami Herald source says suspected gunman barricaded himself for several hours before he shot and killed himself. The FBI has confirmed the suspect is dead. Just before 10:30 a.m., a police motorcade escorted the fallen federal agents to the Medical Examiner’s Office.


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