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Early Primary Voting Ends Today Aug 25 2018

In Beverly Hills, Homosassa, Crystal River and Inverness locations, early primay voting ends today Aug 25 Saturday 2018, EYEONCITRUS.COM on kp40 at 311825
Early voting in the Primary ends today Aug 25 2018

Won’t be able to vote in the Primary Election Tuesday Aug 28 2018? Do it today Saturday Aug 25 2018! Don’t let others decide the election for you, VOTE TODAY!!

Early Voting in the Primary Election in Citrus County ends today Saturday Aug 25 2018! Don’t let others make the decision for you time and locations are right here NOW, Aug 25 2018

Saturday Aug 25 2018

10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Beverly Hills Central Ridge Library
425 W Roosevelt Blvd
Beverly Hills, FL 34465

Crystal River Supervisor of Elections Office
West Citrus Government Center
1540 N Meadowcrest Blvd
Crystal River, FL 34428
August 17 – 25, 2018

Homosassa Homosassa Public Library
4100 S Grandmarch Ave
Homosassa, FL 34446

Inverness Inverness City Hall
212 W Main St
Inverness, FL 34450


Exclusive page: The Ron Kitchen Chronicles

In 220 SE 2ND Place Crystal River FL, Exclusive, EYEONCITRUS.COM, Ron Kitchen Citrus County Commission Dist 2, The Ron Kitchen Chronicles on kp33 at 311821


With voters contacting EyeOnCitrus.Com with various complaints and concerns regarding the incumbent Ron Kitchen and what they see as possible ill advised moves as he and the other commissioners steer the county’s future! We have put up a dedicated page for the process of revelation: The Ron Kitchen Chronicl

The last home that Ron Kitchen Sr. his wife, and Ron Kitchen Jr. and his first wife, owned was at 220 SE 2nd Place, Crystal River, FL220 SE 2ND PL last place Ron Kitchen owned

David Gregory will make a difference if elected! Letter to Editor Chronicle Tuesday May 8 2018

In David Gregory,Candidate,Citrus County Commission Dist 2, eyesoncitrus.com, you are the difference together we our the change on kp50 at 311821


The county commission hasn’t demonstrated any intention on trying to attract businesses other than service oriented, referencing the so-called medical corridor and the scorched-earth policy of defoliating the area on County Road 491 for a drainage area which was started by a prior commission, but no commissioner who had the opportunity bothered to examine what was going to transpire even though it existed for (Ron) Kitchen and (Scott) Carnahan, per a Chronicle article.

The type of businesses where citizens could make a living wage need to be attracted into the county and without such intentions, Citrus will become another bedroom community (suburb) for Orlando and Tampa. This necessity is inescapable; without such foresight, the dismal reality of those who have and those who have not will continue to worsen, resulting in a smaller tax base, program cuts and higher taxes.

Putting the clamps down on the industrial park in Holder was short-sighted, with no acknowledgement to the potentials that would become available because of its proximity to Marion County, attracting perhaps a biotech lab to complement the potential medical corridor.

All the while, the commission still gives attention to the Citrus port idea; utilizing the barge canal is still talked about after 20 years or more and anybody who has ever gone fishing in the gulf knows that big container ships will never be in the Gulf and this whole concept should have been written off the county commission agenda years ago.

The aim to make Citrus County one huge retirement community fails in the realization that retirees live on a fixed income, and for the most part this limited income scenario does not entice future business growth. Without such growth, the retirees’ extended families will not come nor stay to reside in Citrus County. Their children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren will not find occupations that would enable them to sustain their families here. And should they find positions in Orlando or Tampa and commute, as anyone who has ever done knows, they are going to do their shopping in those other counties where the regional stores have the better deals, and their varying entertainment dollars will also go there.

If we don’t get involved as a people, we get what we deserve: No representation in county government. It doesn’t have to be this way, join me and let’s make a difference!

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