"There is no sworde to bee feared more than the Learned pen"

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POPULATION Control: Are you a Guinea Pig? 

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Are you a Guinea Pig?

I keep wondering how long is it going to take, will it ever happen before it’s too late? It may be too late now, who can say for sure?

They had a plan, a plan that wasn’t on a time schedule, no completion date set, no, they just had goals, which they knew if they were met than everything would just fall into place and then it would be like taking candy from a baby.

That’s what they did, set goals, achieved them and sat back to watch their bank accounts get bigger and the people’s rights disappeared while they partied and laughed amongst themselves on how easy it had been having pulled the strings that brought about the demise of the greatest experiment ever attempted on this planet, a Democratic Republic!

Not conquered from without but rather from within, with slow, plotting nuances, changing laws, abandoning safety nets, interrupted by sudden artificial calamities, pitting one group against another, dividing steps which enabled them (the elitists) to dismantle the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, while the people shook with fear and turned upon each other, not realizing what had happen and how they’d been overthrown.

We’ve seen the results, never ending wars, unconquerable villains, terrorists’ attacks, known and unknown, and now we have their two finalists of the rig primary process, one the overwhelming choice and the second would have to do if it were to be, he won’t be that difficult to manipulate, after all, he’s a pragmatist and reality is usually seen clearly by such people!

Are you a guinea pig?

What are you really buying?

The same people that create the events to start wars, depopulate the planet, keep the war machine churning as the oil dollars flow into their accounts, the dollar devalued is no concerned to them, when you have untold wealth there is little concerned as opposed to us, who have seen our buying power dwindle as food prices increases getting less for more is the everyday ordeal that is faced. The emerging question appears; after we have experienced all these tribulations will the realization that we are also guinea pigs be understood? Perhaps watching the movie “CONSUMED” starring Danny Glover, will turn the light on, perhaps not?


Netflix has this movie (“CONSUMED” starring Danny Glover) available, if you haven’t joined Netflix, I would highly recommend it! It is one of the original companies that offered movies to the public and although others are out there now, they started it and they have their own movie and shows productions along with very reasonable rates! If you don’t want to join them and we are friends send me an email with the subject “movie” and I will invite you to a viewing;


I am not a Guinea Pig!


Dave Gregory


“Unprecedented” Mass Kill of 323 Reindeer in Norway

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September 1, 2016 Fairbanks, Alaska – Earthfiles contacted Knut Kielland, Ph.D., Prof. of Ecology at the University of Alaska-Fairbanks Arctic Biology department, on August 31, 2016, to ask about the large antlers disconnected from some males in the 323 reindeer herd that all fell dead at once, even on top of each other, on Friday, August 26th, in Hardangervidda National Park, Norway.

Prof. Kielland said, “I have no idea why so many antlers would be off. I saw that myself in the video of the mass kill and have never seen anything like this before.” One of Prof. Kielland’s colleagues, Prof. Greg Finstad, Manager of the Reindeer Research Program at the University of Alaska-Fairbanks, agreed that he had never seen large antlers disconnected from male reindeer like this. Males would not naturally lose their antlers until after the rut around December 2016. Prof. Finstad posed the question: “Could the voltage in a lightning strike blow the antlers off?”

If so, he’s never heard of such a phenomenon before now. A single bolt of lightning can contain up to one billion volts of electricity. But the professors agree there has never been a single known case of one or more reindeers falling dead from a lightning strike prior to August 26th in Norway.

Read More: Earthfiles.com

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