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Boom in Citrus last night

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Was it an Explosion, Gunshot, or what? There were multiple calls to the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office concerning that loud explosion sound heard in many areas of the county in the vicinity of Homosassa Trail and Rock Crusher, here’s the answer to the Sheriff’s Office:

English: Tannerite exploding target

English: Tannerite exploding target (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many of you have been asking about the BIG BOOM last night.
The explosion on Wednesday evening created approximately twenty 911 calls and several non emergency line calls. The explosion was caused by two subjects using a high powered rifle (270 cal) shooting Tannerite on private property.
Tannerite is a legal non regulated binary compound of Aluminum Powder and Ammonium Nitrate. These chemicals can be purchased over the internet or at certain stores (Gander Mtn). The instructions for making Tannerite can be found on the internet. The subjects shooting were in compliance with the proper backdrops for target shooting and were shooting Tannerite targets. This particular explosion was caused by using 6lbs of the mixture. No one was injured.

Walk and Talk Special guest Broadcaster David Gregory

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